Stan supports police, first responders, and military!

About Stan 

Stan prefers to compete in 8- and 9-ball billiards, but certainly has proven by his resume that he can "juggle" too. Multitasking has been a way of life in his career that spans both location and employment positions. For over 19 years Stan has lived in Arizona Legislative District 9 and raised three children who are now successful adults. He is currently certified and has served as a substitute K-12 teacher in the Amphitheater and Marana School Districts, as well as a adjunct professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. In addition to Stan's education qualifications, he worked full time for over 30 years for the Department of Defense as an Integrated Product Team Lead for quality of several major weapon systems. As a civil servant Stan has traveled worldwide in his duties.

While working full-time and raising his family, Stan earned his Master of Science in Administration, and his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration on the naval base through California State University of Bakersfield.

Stan was a tenacious teenager and turned his passion for music into a radio broadcasting career. This experience spurred a new passion and provided the opportunity to work as a reporter for a national newswire, United Press International. Stan's history of truthfulness and fairness will benefit our district as he promises to maintain his integrity! This complements Stan's experience managing million-dollar budgets, to include the largest (400 billion dollars) DOD program--the F35, and he still holds an active high-level security clearance.

Why vote for Stan?  Our legislative district has been underserved and that hurts everyone. Stan offers extensive and relevant experience as a conservative candidate with problem solving skills. He will represent our contributions and concerns at the state level. As a Clean Elections Candidate he only answers to you and there are no strings attached. Stan loves the USA and now that he is retired, he will focus his time on you.

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