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Stan supports police, first responders, and military!

About Stan 

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     I was born in Los Angeles, CA and lived in Southern California until my job in the Department of Defense (DoD) moved me and my family to Washington, DC.


     Me and my family moved to Tucson in 1998. My three children all graduated from Tucson public schools. I have my Teaching Certification in Arizona where I enjoy substitute teaching. I donate back to the school half of the salary earned. Teachers spend a lot of their own money to stock their rooms with needed supplies, I want to change that.

     Besides teaching, I also coached my children in a multitude of sports (basketball, soccer, roller hockey, and more).

      I have three children who are grown and living productive lives of their own. I always encourage my children to follow their dreams and believe in having them make their own choices. They get the benefit and consequences of making their own choices.

I have two brothers and three sisters. My stepfather passed in 2012 and my mother in 2019. I hope to establish a scholarship in my mother’s name at the community college I attended in California.

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Why vote for Stan?

I went from being mad as hell to making you this offer, send me to the Arizona Senate and I will share our point of view and vote in your favor. We’ve had enough and won’t allow my opponent to continue the cycle of abuse. I offer extensive and relevant experience as a conservative candidate with problem solving skills. I will represent our contributions and concerns at the state level. As a Clean Elections Candidate I only answer to you and there are no strings attached. I truly love the USA and now that I'm retired, I will focus my time on you.


     Select any or all of the videos to learn more about Stan. Growing up in Southern California, I went from playing bass, electric, and acoustic guitar and vocals to a career in radio broadcasting. Throughout my career with over (30) years in the Department of Defense, I still kept active playing competitively in 8- and 9- ball pool. I own firearms and enjoy maintaining my skill level at the range. 

Videos About Stan
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Meet Stan
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Stan's Radio Career
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Stan & Tomahawk
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Stan and DOD
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Stan and Safety
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