Things are getting out of control in our state. With Arizona's 2021 budget of $12.8 billion and Pima County's $2.1 billion budget, we must do better!

Public Safety & Second Amendment

Police are not respected. We must uphold our laws and DEFEND our law enforcement.

Education & Employment Opportunities

Without successful foundations in education, our businesses and workforce are limited. These are the building blocks of society.

Quality of Life & Right to Life

Preserving personal liberty begins with conception and shall be protected until natural death. Everyone deserves the right to equal opportunity with limited government regulation.

In the Classroom
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Holding Newborn Baby
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  • Gas prices are too high

  • Arizona border is non-existent

  • Police are not respected

  • Education is suffering

  • Roads are in terrible shape

  • Our constitutional freedoms are at risk

STAN CAINE will Demand Our Rights be Upheld!