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When did you last see a rate of return from your tax dollars? Where is your benefit? With Arizona’s 2022 budget of $18 billion and Pima County's $2.1 billion 2021 budget, we have the means to do better!

Are you happy with paying an additional average of $569 per month due to the inflationary policies your current Senator supports? That adds up to an annual punch of $6,828 in the paycheck and tightening of your budget. Everyone is paying more and getting less.


You know you’re getting a double hit at the gas pump too. We are paying record high prices and my opponent has even more reasons to raise your energy costs higher. The problem is bigger than just fuel costs, it’s mobility that traps people in cycles of poverty.

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Consumer prices in the US continue their record ascent in April 2022, rising 8.3% over the last 12 months – among the highest rates in forty years. Inflation in Phoenix is 11.0% well above the national average.

The average family is paying an additional $569 per month due to Biden’s inflation which is projected to cost the average household a whopping $6,829 over the next 12 months.

As of June 5th, Arizona’s average price per gallon of gas was $5.124; in Pima County it is $4.609.

All 50 states have hit record high gas prices.



From the beginning we knew that diseases and crime and life-threatening drug overdoses were a problem with illegal immigration. Now our health and education systems are overburdened with everything from bigger classroom sizes to rampant homelessness. This breakdown is also driving up your cost of living as you work harder to and pay more as the crime and drugs has moved from the border to our classrooms and neighborhoods, and even into our local businesses.


Make no mistake, there is a crisis at our southern border and without a border we have no state or country boundary. The Arizona border is not secure, and Border Patrol is not being allowed to do their job.

The Democrats want to remove the wall and basically let anyone into the country regardless of who they are or how they arrived.



Arizona students are failing. Do you have a child who is stressed out and even depressed? Students are even paying the ultimate price as the teen suicide rates continue to rise. Where will all these failing students end up? Let’s not turn away, we need to address these problems now. I’m a certified Arizona teacher and have first-hand experience in our schools right here in our district. Send me to the Senate so I can lead these conversations and bring solutions.


Arizona saw an overall 4% drop in English, Language Arts (ELA) test scores and an 11% decrease in mathematics scores for all students tested, compared to 2018/2019 data. Statewide, 82% of students FAILED the ELA section, and 69% FAILED the mathematics section.

It is estimated that during the pandemic nearly 20% of the students in Southern Arizona were taken out of public schools by their parents and enrolled in private schools, charter schools, or home schooled. That means 20% less students for Public Schools to house, educate, bus, and deal with. But school districts and teachers want more money.


What School Districts Spent per Student (2020-2021)

  • Amphitheater School District spent about $10,500 per student with 83% graduation rate

  • Catalina Foothills Unified School District spent about $8,535 per student with 94% graduation rate

  • Flowing Wells Unified School District spent about $8,950 per student with 84% graduation rate

  • Marana Unified School District spent about $9,366 per student with 86% graduation rate

  • Tucson Unified School District does no report what they spent per student with graduation rate of 84%.


Baseline Levels of Relief Funding for all public schools

Provided $112.4 million to ensure a baseline level of relief funding for public school districts, non-profit charters, and career and technical education districts. 

  • $74.1 million – Support for Non-Title I-A Local Education Agencies  

  • $26.6 million – Additional Support for Title I-A Local Education Agencies  

  •  $11.7 million – Support for Career & Technical Education Districts   

*LEA = Local Education Agency, such as a District or Charter Organization


Additional funding available - Nearly $50 million



Your liberties and Freedoms have been violated, and you have the opportunity to secure the vote in your favor. Our current senator and my opponent are more than happy to shut you down and shut you up again. I will stand up for you and against government mandates.

Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order in March 2021 lifting all state COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and restricting local governments' ability to impose and enforce face-covering orders. Ducey signed legislation April 25 that bars school districts and local governments from requiring anyone under age 18 to mask up without the consent of a parent or guardian. He also signed legislation May 20 that prohibits mask mandates in buildings run by state or local governments.

I support States Rights as stated in our Bill of Rights. I am a PRO-LIFE candidate who believes life begins at fertilization.

I oppose restrictions to law abiding citizens when it comes to our liberties, especially the 2nd amendment.



The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution clearly states, “It states that any powers not explicitly awarded to the Federal Government via the Constitution are automatically awarded to either the State Government or individuals.”

There are several environmental issues facing Arizonans some are federal issues, and most are state issues. It’s important to know the limits of the Federal Government in governing over states. Arizona has several key foundational things to address such as quality and supply of water, quality of air, hazardous waste sites, solid waste sites, and fish and wildlife management.



Over $50.5 million will be invested in Arizona in 2022 for critical drought relief measures from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law provides the Bureau of Reclamation $1.6 billion for Western Water Infrastructure in 2022, including $50 million to implement the Drought Contingency Plan at Lake Mead and $500,000 for the Verde Reservoirs Sediment Mitigation Project.

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